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Do not share your bank or credit card information.

We suggest that if you accept bank transfers remember to wait until the money is credited to your account. Verify with your bank that the procedure is NOT in process. 

Do not accept intermediaries.

OpherTon does not participate or act as an intermediary in any transaction between comparators and vendors. However, we suggest the use of our instant chat to conduct any direct negotiation between seller and buyer.

Suspicion of prices well below its market value

Beware of overly attractive offers. Also above the price of your ad. Do not accept checks for more value in which you are offered to return the difference. Compare prices between similar products.

Doubtful Origin

If you have any questions regarding the origin of the article. Ask if the seller keeps the purchase ticket for that item.

Try before you buy

Check that your product maintains the agreed description. Do not close the transaction if you are not completely satisfied. During the negotiation, be sure to coordinate a product test to verify or demonstrate the actual status of the product.


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